Saturday, August 27, 2011

Standing Firm

I think today's title describes Jackson. Today he is fighting. Fighting for sleep, which the cytarabine (chemo( is causing. Since he has been in the hospital, 2 nights, he has been accompanied by 2 fevers. Though in a normal case 101.4 and 100.6 are not to frightening, to Jackson this is a battle. Why? The Cytarabine and Daunorubicin (, which are two of the three chemo treatments he is getting, are helping to lower his counts whereby his ability to fight off infection become virtually non-existent. Everyday we see Jackson not only as our Son, but as our encouragement. Encouragement to make it through a 15 hour days with no slowing down or encouragement to fight our way through trials that seem to constantly show up no matter how small or how big they may be. Standing Firm is who He is day in and day out. He is an example to me in comparison of my relationship to God. Am I willing to stand firm day in and day out no matter what the possibilities may be or how high I need to jump to accomplish the task before me? No words describe the love we have for Jackson, only our actions do the talking. That is what he has shown me Today!

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