Friday, November 18, 2011


The light at the end of the tunnel has finally arrived!  Kinda. Today we brought Jackson home from his 6th and final round of Chemo!!!!!! This round they gave him his chemo and released him immediately. He is still on house arrest due to his blood counts dropping and elevating in the next 2 weeks. We are more than excited to be home with our dear child. In Alyssa's terms.... YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Jackson still needs to go back in to the hospital to have his blood checked and to see if he needs a blood or platelet transfusion, he will need to have surgery to remove his PICline, and he needs one more bone marrow biopsy.  

You know that moment when you finish a task, trial, or obstacle, and you look back after it is over, thinking about what it took to accomplish it, well as we walked out of our little "vacation" home in the hospital, whether it was this room or that, we both teared up a little and had a big sigh of relief. It overwhelms our hearts and we get emotional and thankful that the process is basically complete. Please don't get me wrong, sadly the process is not over. For the next 2 months he will have to go in periodically to have a check up, blood, or a bone marrow biopsy. Then as for hospital visits, we begin the process of check ups with the doctor once a month or once every two months for the next 4-5 years. The hardest emotional task seems to be behind us now,  but prayers for no re-occurrence  of leukemia and heart issues would be GREATLY appreciated.

 Tonight as we were waiting to be discharged we spread out Jackson's beads of courage on the couch and started to count them.  It was amazing how much strength Jackson has shown over the last 8 months. Out of all the beads that he has earned, we have created a little list of his accomplishments. Below are only a few of Jackson's battle wounds of courage:
- 688 Total Beads
- 116 Night stays in the hospital
- 178 Sticks/Pokes
- 21 fevers ( from 100 degrees to 106.9 degrees)
- 6 surgeries
- 5 bone marrow biopsies
- 100's of other numbers from chemo, antibiotics, blood, platelets, etc...
- And most importantly 1 BIG SMILE

Giving God the glory for his work in Jackson and the work He will continue to do!

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