Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7th, 2011

Jackson's past few days have calm and peaceful for the most part. June 1st and 2nd he received round 2 of chemo treatments and was released from the hospital as expected for 5 days. His appetite has decreased a little, but he still seems strong. This morning he was readmitted into the hospital for the follow up chemo treatments of this 2nd round. As commented in the earlier posts, He was to receive 1-3 days of chemo go home for 3-5 and return again for the next 3 days of chemo. He then will stay in the hospital for another 3 weeks minimum which again is followed by another break. After this round he only has 4 more rounds to go. His counts are down as expected. His platelet count during his break from round 1 of chemo to round 2 reached 400,000.( excellent number) (normal- 150-450 in thousands) Today his platelets are down to 74,000 and will progressively decrease through the next few weeks.  Through the past 5 days however,  Jackson has been able to enjoy sometime with his Grandma, who has been a wonderful help to Alyssa and I. God has given us a great blessing in Jackson, however He as also blessed us with so many others who have shown God's grace through their actions and words.

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