Sunday, December 4, 2011

Going our seperate ways!

Two weeks ago Alyssa and I left the Aflac floor(Cancer Floor) of Children's hospital for the last time as chemo of the 6th round had been completed. Sadness and Joy filled our hearts to know that the difficult process was over... Fast forward to last night Dec. 3rd.  During the day Jackson had spiked a slight fever. This fever was nothing to be worried about. A 99-100.5 is nothing for Jackson. Well as the night grew longer, at about 5pm his temp still hovered at 100 degrees. By 8 o'clock it had risen to 100.8. So to be sure Alyssa called the on call Hem/Onc Doctor to get their opinion. After a little discussion they decided to have us bring him into the ER. Yes another ER visit at 8:30 at night.

This story is to add a different character in the scenario though. For about 3 weeks Alyssa has been fighting a cold and cough. Well last night about 8 pm it just seemed to get worse. So After much discussion Alyssa and I decided that we needed to go separately to different hospitals.  So at 8:30 I( Dad) and Jackson headed down to the ER at Egelston arriving around 9:30. Alyssa called Diane( Her Friend from school) and asked her if she could drive Alyssa to Athens, to go to the hospital. Thankfully Diane is a wonderful friend and was willing to do this favor for Alyssa. So needless to say I was at one hospital as Alyssa was at another, about 1:45 min apart. Alyssa was diagnosed with Bronchitis and the beginning stages of pneumonia. Alyssa was given her meds and she finally got home around 1am this Sunday morning. ( Diane thanks for taking your time to help out our family, even when it was so late at night).

Jackson and I were received at the hospital right away and moved straight into a room. After a few hours they made a decision to admit him. His temp only reached 102.1 and his counts were actually doing well. With his blood counts still on the rebound they wanted to admit him and eliminate the fever as soon as possible.

Jackson and I are delightfully enjoying our time back here on the Aflac floor as he recovers from this issue. Alyssa is curled up in bed, coughing her lungs out(not literally) and I am torn. To take care of my wife, yet at the same time, take care of my son. Alyssa is a strong woman and she is capable of so much, but as all of get sick, we want someone to be there to take care of us. Please Pray for Alyssa to heal, and to heal quickly. I have a hard time imagining the struggle of coughing and sickness for 3 weeks, but she has been strong and continues to fight. I see where Jackson gets his fight from! Please pray also for Jackson as he is recovering here at Children's. Thanks again for those who read this. Some of our encouragement comes from knowing who cares and by the comments on our Facebook pages and by the viewers of this blog. We are thankful for what God has done in our lives, and we look forward to the future He has in store for us.

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