Friday, February 3, 2012

Is it possible?

So after a short period of lack luster posting there have been a few updates. Recently Jackson went back to the doctor to get his monthly checkup. Thankfully he is doing great in terms of blood/leukeimia issues. His most recent cardiologist appointment has shown that his heart seems to be improving. This is such a wonderful blessing to us. Health wise, Jackson is being blessed by God with a beautiful time of peace and healthiness. His little body is improving. He is eating with great vigor. He is sleeping well, crawling pretty good, laughing often, trying to say so much to us, and seems to be learning new concepts daily. Alyssa and I have no way to explain the great relief/peace that comes from the availability to go home after work. Yes, a strange concept to so many, but to us it still sometimes seems to have not sunk in that the the daily, weekly, or month long visits are over. Now we are blessed with one, yes 1, doctor visit a month for 12 months then once every 3 months for the next 12 months and so on. To look at our Warrior and see his accomplishments and battle wounds makes me a very proud father and I am sure Alyssa would say that as his mother. No more nurses, doctors, beeping machines, hospital and fast food daily, long drives home late at night. No more 4 week stints away from church just to sit in a cramped 10x10 room. We have been able to do so much with him now. He went bowling with us just a few weeks back. No he didn't bowl, but we have not done anything in relation to that even once. Even his first tubeless bath was done and coming this summer he will be able to go swimming for the first time. His love of water will be more than a dream come true to him. What I am so thankful for is that he is now able to endure a some what normal life. We however will not forget the trials and heartache, the laughter and strength, the hope and power given by God. This reason, though our story will continue on this blog, we now focus on those others of who may need an encouragement for their trials. I am challenging you. Yes, you to help. Our battle wounds may not be visible to you like Jackson's are, but they do exist, wether they may be emotionally, mentally, or even physically. You will not know the struggles we have faced or are currently facing still, but I can guarantee you that we overcame them through God with the help of you! So my challenge is this, those people you know or may know of, need your help too. I can't explain the gut curling feeling when you see children from the birth to 18 roaming the halls of a cancer floor. Would it be more difficult if I told you that most of the time the 60 some rooms were constantly full. That is 60 some people struggling though a rough time who need some encouragement. This is only a very tiny fraction of those in need. I know of a man in our church who is fighting cancer and I am sure the strain on them is very high. I know it was when my dad face his cancer before it took his life. If Jackson's story of God's miracle on his life has been a help to you then pass it on, or be that help in someone's life. You may not see their struggle, but it exists. We all have them. Please don't forget that person as time continues to tick by. They still need that encouragement the same amount the 3rd year as they did on the first day. I hope and pray that through this all that our God means more to you now than before this trial began. His power, love, strength, peace, and hope have given us a stronger, more in depth look at who our God is. We learned a huge concept through this, strength comes by giving up control and letting every situation, no matter the consequence, be placed in God's hands. We never had control of it anyway, but we seem to think we are in control. Without God nothing was possible, with God everything is possible.

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