Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011

Jackson is on his last few hours of chemo today for round 3.  This round seemed to make him more sick to his stomach than the others.  Last evening he actually threw up (which was a first from chemo) They are giving him stuff to help make him feel better.  He hasn't had issues with fever in the last 24 hours, which is a blessing.  One of the chemo drugs Jackson gets is oral.  The first round I noticed that the oral chemo was a purplely color and smelled like grape and he would take it with little problem.  This time it was clear and he did not want it.  They decided yesterday that they would have to put in an ng tube(a tube that goes through the nose into his belly, he had one to eat with before his heart surgery) to get all the medicine in him.  I asked the doctor why the medicine was a different color and he said"it's a different color?"  I explained and he said "hmmmm...this medicine isn't flavored.  Let's try flavoring it before we try an ng tube."  So they did and he sucked it right down.  :-)  I don't understand why it wasn't flavored in the first place.  Thank goodness he didn't have to have a tube right now.  Please pray that his appetite will pick up especially after chemo is over.

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