Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beads of Courage

These are Jackson's Beads of Courage.  He started receiving these when he was in the hospital for his heart and now he is continuing to get them due to his Leukemia.  This is a program that they have started to encourage kids as they go through treatment and trials.  They receive a bead for everything they have had to endure in the hospital.  Below the picture I have listed what some of the beads stand for.  (This is what Jackson has earned so far :-)

Black: Pokes/sticks/blood draws
Yellow: Nights in the hospital
White: Chemo
Red: Transfusions
Glow in the dark: EKG/Echo/x-ray/MRI
Blue: Clinic visits
Orange: central line/port
Beige: Bone marrow
Grey/Silver: Dressing Change
Green: Fever
Rainbow: Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapist
Aqua: Tube insertions
Purple: Antibiotics
Square Heart: heart surgery(our favorite)
Bumpy beads: challenges

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  1. Wow! Jackson is so courageous! He is one amazing little boy!