Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011

We received a phone call today from our Doctor at Egleston.  She called to tell us that the bone marrow test they did on Wednesday came back GREAT!!!! The chemo is doing its job and she said that she is very pleased with the way his bone marrow looks.  The blast from earlier this month was just a recovery blast and that was confirmed by the bone marrow test!!!! Yeah!  I am so excited about tomorrow.  Some very sweet friends from my school in Bethlehem decided to do a car wash to raise money for us.  It started out as just a car wash but now they are selling food, face painting....there is going to be clowns...they had it advertised on two radio stations...there is a huge banner, people are wearing T-shirts with Jackson's picture on it...people and businesses from all over the county donated supplies for this.  We feel so blessed that so many people care about our baby, even ones that don't know us.  It will be awesome to see how God works tomorrow.  I hope to get lots of pictures to post!!!

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