Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4, 2011

The news that Jackson has Leukemia was not a shocker to Erik and I, they had been closely monitoring Jackson's blood since he was born.  Jackson was at high risk for Leukemia due to his Down Syndrome.  He had a 30% chance of developing it.  The doctors are very positive none the less.  Apparently Down Syndrome children have a higher % of recovering completely than other children. (80% compared 50%).  We were told that Jackson would have to undergo 6 rounds of chemo.  Each Chemo would last somewhere from 4-9 days and then he would have to remain in the hospital for a couple of weeks after until his blood counts come back up.  We were admitted to Childrens of Egleston on Sunday April 24th.  On April 26th Jackson was given a central line, a bone marrow test, and spinal tap.  When they did the spinal tap they gave him his first dose of Chemo.  He then started continuous chemo through his Central line on April 27th.  Jackson successfully completed his first round of chemo on Sunday, May 1.  We are now playing the waiting game.  Every morning they take some of Jackson's blood and run his counts.  Thankfully they put in the central line so I don't have to see him cry in pain every time he is stuck.  His blood counts have to be up and stay up for so many consecutive days before he can come home.  We were told 2-3 weeks.  It is amazing how well Jackson has done so far.  He is still the happy smiling baby we have grown to love.  He makes us so proud!  Since we have been here the past week and a half, Jackson has learned to hold his bottle while he eats.  :-)  Erik and I are blessed to have a church family who cares so much about us.  This week while we had to go to work, people from our church volunteered to come and sit and hold Jackson at the hospital.  What a relief to our hearts that Jackson wasn't alone.  Jackson now weighs 13.1 pounds and he is still eating!!! Praise the Lord!

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