Friday, October 14, 2011

Oct.13... I.D.

So today I, Erik, am writing an update on what happened recently. Most of this is hard to explain due to the gravity and literal comprehension of the bacteria.  Alyssa and I talked today and she made a comment that I can fully understand and agree with. You know that saying "this has been a roller coaster ride"? That describes our journey well. We have been beaten(sounds nice and southern) like a kid in a back dark back alley. The worse part is that Alyssa and I haven't experienced anything compared to Jackson, and we are adults. That just makes me feel so guilty and weak. You know through this we have gained a new understanding through so many different view points, but it has been a long journey. The news that Alyssa reported yesterday was the beginning of a few steps. Well here is the rest of the story...(harvey). Today Jackson's antibiotics changed. Instead of getting one type of antibiotic, he is now receiving two. why? The blood that was taken a few days back grew more bacteria. This strain of bacteria is not terrible nor deadly as long as it is treated, however the strain is related to Tuberculosis. No, he does not have Tuberculosis nor is it close to that. The reason I tell you of the strain is because that is why I.D. (Infectious Disease) was called in. They are worried that the bacteria is one of two different types of bacteria, again however they are not sure as to which one it is or if they are certain that it is one of those two bacterias.  We will not know anymore answers for at least 1-3 days. Just a Reminder, Prayer is needed, Worry is not. This is not a dire situation, and the doctors seem to be confident in that. Please Pray also For Alyssa and I. Emotional, Physical, Mental strain is wearing us down.  God is good, no matter the situation we face. "Rejoice in the Lord Always and again I say Rejoice"


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