Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011

Yeah!!!! Jackson gets to go home today! So HAPPY!!!!  They haven't told us yet when he will have to come back, probably in a week.  I know so short...but we are going to enjoy every minute!  Jackson is doing a great job sitting up.  He can sit up for very long periods of time.  He also loves the bathtub now that he can sit up in it! (I will post pictures of that soon)  He really likes riding around the hospital in their little red wagons now that he can sit up in them.  Jackson has a cardiologist appointment tomorrow afternoon, please pray... the doctor is concerned that the chemo is causing his heart not to fill properly.  They are hoping it will eventually resolve on its own once the chemo is out of his body.  If not they will probably put him on a another medication.  Thanking the Lord for some time at home with my baby!

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