Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21, 2011

Well it finally happened....Jackson lost his hair...he could care less, but mommy is about in tears...I loved his little mohawk.  So the bacteria is apparently so rare that it will take several more weeks to figure out exactly what kind it the infectious disease people are saying that by Monday he will have had 14 days of 2 kinds of antibiotics and has not had any issues develop that would cause concern so they are thinking he might be able to come home on Monday or Tuesday. It has been said that the bacteria possibly could have been contained to just his line, which if this is the case is a relief to us.  Today is day 18 and we finally have a glimmer of freedom from this hospital for a little bit.  A football player named Gary Guyton from the New England Patriots came to see Jackson today at the hospital...pretty cool! 

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