Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5, 2011 Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!!

Dear JackJack,
I can't believe that a year ago today I was in the delivery room giving birth to the most wonderful baby boy...YOU!  Your daddy and I are so lucky to have you  in our lives.  You have taught us unconditional love, patience, trust, faith, hope, and courage!  Who would have thought that someone so small could teach so much.  Thank you for your sweet smile, your contagious laughter, and your Jackson cuddles. :-) You are blessed with wonderful people in your life who love you so much and pray for you everyday, but more importantly you are blessed with a wonderful Heavenly Father who loves you  more than anybody.  My prayer for you is that someday you will personally know your Heavenly Father who created you EXACTLY the way he wanted you!  I love you Jackson!  Happy Happy 1st Birthday son and may you have many many more!!!

Miracle is a word I have used often to describe so many things when it comes to Jackson. To have many percentages shown to us as to Jackson's survival rate whether it was from his birth, surgery, heart health, or leukemia is scary, but today is proof that Our God is bigger than any percentage. Jackson, Today we celebrate a day which I feared would never come. I feel like the proudest Father around. I could not ask for such a wonderful child. You have taught me so much as your father and not just in a fatherly way. You have taught me more about who my God is and how my love for you compares to my fathers love for me. You could not have been more perfect for our family and you are loved dearly by so many inside and outside of our family. Happy Birthday Son! Daddy Loves you!

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  1. I'm a friend of Jim Garritano's and I've been following your blog's for a awhile now just wanted to say Happy Birthday Jackson and I hope your doing well.

    Tricia Garcia