Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16, 2011

Well here we are still in the hospital...this has become our first home, and our real home is our second home...No need to buy a vacation home, we already have the lap of luxury here:-)  Yesterday Jackson received a blood product, I don't remember the name that is supposed to help boost his immune system.  He had a great day yesterday laughing and playing.  Today he is very sleepy.  His platelets and hemoglobin are very low.   Since the doctor's have removed his central line, everything given to him (blood, platelets, antibiotics...)is given to him through the IV in his foot.  Jackson is a wiggle worm and he wiggled his IV a little too much and it infiltrated (sp?) today while they were trying to give him blood...poor baby did not like how that felt.  Right now we are waiting for them to come in and probably replace his IV so that they can finish giving him blood.  They have figured  out that the bacteria in Jackson's blood/line is a mycro bacteria and have ruled out the two most dangerous forms (TB and something to do with birds ).  They have called in infectious disease(like the people on House :-) to help determine which specific kind of mycro bacteria that it is.  When they figure it out, which will hopefully be sometime this week they can tell us how long he will have to be in the hospital on antibiotics.  So far, all of the cultures that they have taken since his line was removed are still negative, unfortunately they still have to treat him with antibiotics just to make sure.  Thank you for your continued prayers. 

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